The Sports Medicine Department has now made all medical records electronic. As an online data entry system, SportsWare Online is available to all Student-Athletes, Coaches, and Certified Athletic Trainers wherever access to internet or a data/WiFi enabled device is possible. With the increase in use of laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones, Student-Athletes and Coaches will be able to communicate instantly to their Certified Athletic Trainer. Student-Athletes will be able to enter emergency contact, insurance and health history information. Coaches will be able to record, view, and manage athletic injuries on their teams.

Here is how to get started.  Login to SportsWare and follow the instructions.



All student-athletes are required to complete a pre-participation physical exam. This initial evaluation includes a comprehensive health history, immunization history as defined by current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and a relevant physical exam, with strong emphasis on the cardiovascular, neurologic and musculoskeletal evaluation. The exam must take place within six months before the first physical activity, tryout, or practice. Please be advised that the student-athlete will not allowed to participate in any team-related tryout, practice or competition without submitting/uploading a completed athletic physical form along with primary insurance information to SportsWare. These medical forms are available online and can be downloaded by the student-athlete. In addition, the student-athlete will not be issued any equipment, uniforms or gear without first passing a physical exam.



All Athletes must complete the Medication Declaration form providing current information on all prescribed, over-the-counter drugs, and dietary supplements taken. The NCAA & St. Joseph’s College condemns the use of non-therapeutic drugs. Impure supplements may lead to a positive NCAA drug test. The use of supplements is at the student-athlete’s own risk. It is the athlete’s responsibility to contact a Certified Athletic Trainer before using any substance.

More info on drug testing on NCAA.com



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All St. Joseph’s College student-athletes are required to provide documentation verifying his/her Sickle Cell Trait status. As of June 2009, the NCAA stated that “athletics departments confirm Sickle Cell Trait status in all student-athletes, if it is not already known, during their required medical examinations.” Documentation can be in the form of lab results and/or a note from their primary care physician (PCP) attesting to the results of a Hemoglobin Solubility test or Hemoglobin Electrophoresis test on his/her letterhead, dated with an original signature. If the student-athlete declines Sickle Cell Trait Testing s/he shall sign a written release. Sickle Cell Trait will not exclude an athlete from participation in intercollegiate athletics at St. Joseph’s College.

More info on sickle cell trait on NCAA.com



An estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million concussions occur from participation in sports and recreation-related activities every year. As of April 2010, the NCAA requires St. Joseph's College to have a Concussion Management Plan.  This plan outlines the guidelines for a concussion baseline assessment.  The baseline assessment will be recorded for each student-athlete before the first practice in the sports of baseball, basketball, soccer, softball & wrestling.  A Certified Athletic Trainer will perform this assessment after their pre-participation exam is completed and the student-athlete is medically cleared. The baseline assessment consists of a symptoms checklist, standardized cognitive and balance assessment (King-DevickSCAT III & BESS) supplemented with a computerized neuropsychological test (ImPACT).

More info on concussions on NCAA.com